Reduce Reuse Reprise! (or Reprisination)

I’ve written and recorded a lot of songs over the years. Most of which were done hastily in attempts to get ideas down. I’ve recently started revisiting original recordings of some of my favorites that lacked additional attention.

Below is a playlist I’ve been building from older songs that I’ve enhanced in some way; adding instruments, remixing, etc. Enjoy! I plan to keep adding to these until there’s an albums-worth. 8 or 10 or so?


Here are a number of songs I’ve recorded since last post.

We’ve been playing the BYOP Sundays at Aeronaut Brewing in Somerville. One of the tunes mentions his lover in her underwear. This was my attempt to write that into a lyric. It kind of went from there.

Escape Dreams – an experimental tune written on the Ukulele and layered with additional strings.

Green Monroe – Stars Galore

Green Monroe is my solo project. I recently completed work on Stars Galore, a full length record. Listen to or download the album for free at CDs are also available at the Bandcamp site.

I have been wanting to make a record like Stars Galore for a very long time. Stars Galore tells a story; a cyclical story. There are a lot of songs, skits, and aural explorations. I was able to work with incredibly talented and good people. Most importantly I was able to run free, pouring over the entire process. I am thankful for how it all came together and eventually turned out.

Cover - Green Monroe, Stars GaloreRear Cover - Green Monroe, Stars Galore


Some loose Allman Brothers inspiration. Got back to the basics with this one – write/record/finish in an evening.
I generally have a sense of what the right thing to do is any situation. However, I sometimes need a little reminder to get back on track or to actually take action.

Dear Gibson

Another tune squeezed out during the intense album project sink. I like how it starts to allude towards an affair with a neighbor. The final tune reminds me of Outkast in a way.

I hired out all the bass and drums on the upcoming record. So I took this opportunity to record a song where I play just the drums and bass.