Green Monroe – Stars Galore

Green Monroe is my solo project. I recently completed work on Stars Galore, a full length record. Listen to or download the album for free at CDs are also available at the Bandcamp site.

I have been wanting to make a record like Stars Galore for a very long time. Stars Galore tells a story; a cyclical story. There are a lot of songs, skits, and aural explorations. I was able to work with incredibly talented and good people. Most importantly I was able to run free, pouring over the entire process. I am thankful for how it all came together and eventually turned out.

Cover - Green Monroe, Stars GaloreRear Cover - Green Monroe, Stars Galore

Night Lights EP

Gathered some folks together to help put together a couple songs. Officially called the “Night Lights EP”, it is a precursor for a longer release hopefully coming together early 2015.

Memories – the inspiration for this song came from a couple different AM radio stations that play “golden oldies” and advertise as “the songs of your life”.
Goodbye – written in about 5 minutes, with no required editing. Inspired by the idea of leaving Seattle after a great 10 year run.