Early Birdin’ with the Elderly

So we moved from Seattle to Boston end of summer 2013. I was not too excited about the move – I love Seattle, we had tons of friends, etc, etc.

However, one of the great things about Boston is the sheer number of incredible musicians. Shortly after arrival I fell in with The Elderly. I knew a couple of the guys from my previous time spent in Boston and they invited me to the project.

You can read the history on the bandcamp and facebook pages. Anyway, the latest album – Early Birdin with the Elderly – was released today. The recording process included a couple live sessions and lots of overdubs, etc. Everybody contributed at least something to all tracks. There are also a number of great related videos, which I’ll post subsequently.


Our Arena – Sam Russell

Sam Russell made a stop through Boston in mid-January.
During his three days here we managed to record and mix the song below (The Arena) as well as rehearse/play a show. Add that to the continued day-job/family duties, and it was a pretty full Sunday/Monday/Tuesday.

Here’s the final product. Pretty fun recording in the new rehearsal space with just Sam and myself. The song was written (by Sam) and recorded for Seattle-based blog Ball of Wax’s compilation on Love songs. Also included in the compilation is a tune we recorded with Kate Noson a few years back.

The Arena

Ball of Wax 35 – Love Songs

Think about it later

“Don’t do it just for the money
But do it because it makes you feel good
because you can read about it later
When they’re talking about somebody else”

Just got back from a great trip with Oliver to Colorado to visit my sister’s family. First chance to sit down and write a tune and it’s a weird one – the first verse lyrics could use some work.

[audio:http://michaelspaly.com/wp-content/uploads/Think-about-it-later.mp3|titles:Think about it later]