Dirge Attice / Space Rodeo – Album

I was called in to play some fiddle for an album project my friend was engineering. The sessions were a lot of fun because the music is heavy on stream-of-consciousness and wild experimentation was highly encouraged.

The I Want You – Blame It on Tomorrow – Song

The I Want You recorded and released a single for a charity. Jim, also of The Elderly, called me in to play fiddle lines. Twas a fun time to record with Jim and Pete Weiss down at the Armory.

From the site:

Pay what you want! The money raised from sales through Christmas 2014 will go to Crash Safely: Benefit for the National MS Society. www.crashsafely.org

Thee Midnight Creep – I Lie Like a Dog at Your Feet – Album

Shortly before our move from Seattle, Paul Beeman called me in to play some violin on an album he was producing. I just got the link for the finished product. Pretty fun stuff. Just in time for Halloween. I originally met Paul when his band Great Waves called me in about 5 years previous. http://greatwavesband.bandcamp.com/

Dance at the Plough

A local music-organizer, going by the moniker Red Line Roots, put together a project here in Boston that focuses on local musicians covering local songwriters. Yes, very appropriately-insular Boston. Anyway, I was asked to come in with a few folks and record a tune. We chose a Resophonics (Sean Staples) song called Dance at the Plough.

Below you can find both the video and the song. Make sure to visit the Bandcamp page frequently as eventually all the songs from the album will be made available.

Also, if you do get the chance, I’d highly recommend attending the recording project’s release show.