Good Night Irene

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I often sing Oliver to sleep with  a rendition of Good Night Irene. The other night I carved out some time to head to the basement and play with some sounds. Not having written a song for a while, I figured this would be a good base for experimentation. Note that everything was recorded while children were sleeping not-to-far away. That alone brings up its own challenges and opportunities.

Space Camp

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Most of the music I’ve played lately has been acoustic. If we are plugged in, it is still traditionally acoustic instruments we are amplifying. Yearning for some more spacey sounds, I got out the Keyrig and wrote a little ditty. There’s a little part at the end that reminds me of Trent Reznor stuff – that heavy industrial soundscape. On a side note, I recently watched Social Network and was intrigued when the opening credits named Trent Reznor as writing the film score. I thought his music really gave the film a seriousness where the movie could have gone goofy-south without it.



We’ve been singing Harry Belafonte’s Angelina around the house, which most likely inspired the melody/feel. For the lyrics I tried to think about what it would be like to be away from your family. Thoughts of soldiers, touring artists/salesman, aid workers, etc… Michal said it was ‘sweet’.

Make Time for Me

This song was originally recorded on my phone while walking Ghia and a sleeping Oliver. Finding some extra time one night I went through the phone recordings and picked my few favorites and wrote down some lyrics. This song was actually pretty complete on the original phone recording – straight freestyling :)

People say life’s truths are death and taxes. I’m finding that as I get older a lack of free time is also steadily increasing. I wrote this with Michal’s perspective looking back at me after realizing how often I get caught up in my own tasks, thoughts, and schedule.

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Waaaay Up – Featuring Matt Rankin!

I have been playing on other people’s projects a lot lately. Mix that with a life and it means I’m not doing too much of my own music. Well, as luck may have it, I found some time to write and record this latest ditty. Even luckier, my friend Matt Rankin stumbled into town the day I recorded it. We set up in the basement and he added all the electronics on this one. Without Matt, this would have ended up a much slower paced folky folker.

The lyrics need some work, but they convey the general theme. When I was younger I remember reading lots of books that seemed to center around the author’s fear of death. I never understood that until the other day I had a real good meditation about it and it struck me really hard. Funny how life experience can alter your outlook on things so drastically.

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