I’ve been working on a full-length album project for a while now. That has meant listening to and massaging the same songs for tireless hours.

Anyway, I found some time to record a new little ditty. Here’s ya go.

Night Lights EP

Gathered some folks together to help put together a couple songs. Officially called the “Night Lights EP”, it is a precursor for a longer release hopefully coming together early 2015.

Memories – the inspiration for this song came from a couple different AM radio stations that play “golden oldies” and advertise as “the songs of your life”.
Goodbye – written in about 5 minutes, with no required editing. Inspired by the idea of leaving Seattle after a great 10 year run.


Riffed out for about 4 minutes on the electric guitar. Then layered and layered and cut and layered. I consider this some damn fine turd polishing.