Riffed out for about 4 minutes on the electric guitar. Then layered and layered and cut and layered. I consider this some damn fine turd polishing.


A song written and recorded over a couple nights before Halloween. Lots to say on the matter, but I’ll let the lyrics speak for themselves.


Dirge Attice / Space Rodeo – Album

I was called in to play some fiddle for an album project my friend was engineering. The sessions were a lot of fun because the music is heavy on stream-of-consciousness and wild experimentation was highly encouraged.

The I Want You – Blame It on Tomorrow – Song

The I Want You recorded and released a single for a charity. Jim, also of The Elderly, called me in to play fiddle lines. Twas a fun time to record with Jim and Pete Weiss down at the Armory.

From the site:

Pay what you want! The money raised from sales through Christmas 2014 will go to Crash Safely: Benefit for the National MS Society. www.crashsafely.org

Thee Midnight Creep – I Lie Like a Dog at Your Feet – Album

Shortly before our move from Seattle, Paul Beeman called me in to play some violin on an album he was producing. I just got the link for the finished product. Pretty fun stuff. Just in time for Halloween. I originally met Paul when his band Great Waves called me in about 5 years previous. http://greatwavesband.bandcamp.com/