Pies and Pints and table dancing

Great time at Pies and Pints last night. The Pie Float was just me, Tom, and Colin Klein. I love how the lineup changes and so does the rotation of songs. Best part is that it always sounds good and have yet to not have a great time playing.

Gus Clark and Katie “McMuffin” played some nice swingy/blues with resonator and saw, yes, musical saw. I threw a small diaphragm condenser underneath and pointing up at the blade and it actually picked up the saw really well.

The night ended with a great dance party. Susie(?), who’s become a regular, showed up early and one by one her friends joined in. By the end they were dancing up a storm to all the ballads, hot-picking bluegrass numbers, and even our bastardization of “Blister in the sun” / “Purple Rain”.

Here’s to more like it in 2010!

Christmas song

Twas the first year of christmas
that all through the house
was quiet and without family
just me and my spouse – and Oliver and Ghia, of course ;)

Writing lyrics on a computer sucks. So I’m trying out just recording melodic and/or lyric ideas directly. This one was just that. Played and sang, then reworked the lyrics based on what came out the first time.
This was the first year we weren’t with my family in Michigan, hence the mellow feel.


One More Time – demo

The Boston roots scene is full of great ‘rootsy americana’ music that’s filled with folky instruments and iced with just enough edge and electricity to “make my big toe shoot up in my boot” (Little Richard). Guys like Bow Thayer and Tim Gearan sit especially comfortably in the groove. This is an attempt to conjur their feel. Rough demo as the lyrics, drums/bass, and killer solo are all missing and/or awaiting improvement.


Pies and Pints recap

Two of the four regulars were out of town for the holidays. So replacing Carolyn and Johnny were Jason Stewart on Banjo and Jim Marsh on Upright. What a band! The music was super good – really tight and fast. Just the way I like to play Bluegrass! Not to mention the fact that 3 of the four are all over 6’4″, now who are the Tallboys?

Sam Russell came down and played a set of original material. I sat in and proceeded to butcher most of his tunes. But that’s how it usually goes and he rarely seems to mind.

A nice couple showed up and were drawing some sketches. Here are a couple pics – one of the band and one of me. Horrible photo quality, sorry about that.

Markets and LPs

Went with Tom Rooney to play at the University District Market this morning. Was nice to play in the sun. Felt much more like fall than winter. It got a little difficult to compete with the plugged in Karaoke fiddler a few stalls down. Though one marketeer gave us an extra tip noting how nice it was to see a purely acoustic act. That’s just fine with us ;)

In more exciting news, Tom got access to about 1,000 – 2,000 record albums at a storage liquidation event. Everything you could think of and more. From the entire Doors collection (first prints) to Ella Fitzgerald, to Star Wars. Even a really unique set of Northwest LPs and 45s from the ‘grunge era’.

Here are a couple pics. He’s still got em, though they’re going fast. If interested, let me know and I can put you in touch.

Michael Spaly.com is live!

After years of hem-hawing, I’ve finally split my music and work sites apart. I’m hoping this will be less confusing for everybody – even if I’m the only one paying attention ;)

This site will focus on my musical activities. Specifically, listing upcoming shows, posting new songs, discussing current projects, and waxing poetic on my adventures in recording.

I hope y’all enjoy!