Here is a smattering of some of the more stable projects I’ve been involved with over the years.

Green Monroe

Green Monroe is my personal project pseudonym. It has never seen the same lineup – even for recording – and has performed only a handful of times. I have released countless demos and two official releases under the name Green Monroe: Stars Galore and Night Lights EP.

Creeping Time

Creeping Time is (was?) a Seattle based Acoustic Grassrock band. With Ken Nottingham, Dave Forrester, Kjell Anderson, and Tom Rooney, we frequently played extra-long sets and swapped instruments and songs.We recorded the most recent album, The Smolder Sessions, in my home studio. Since leaving the state, Creeping Time has kept some of their favorite residencies alive.

Sam Russell with the Harborrats

Singer song-writer Sam Russell’s project. I’m one of the musicians from the stable full of drummers, guitarists, accordianists, you name it. Creeping Time played backup band on his first Seattle release – The Katie Sermon – and we’ve been playing together ever since. He recently mentioned that I won the contest for having played on nearly all tracks for all of his 7 first albums – quite an honor! We’ve since collaborated on recordings and shows that are too numerous to mention. Check out his site, he’s got a lot more to say than I do…

The Elderly

From the last album’s description: A feast for the senses! Boston’s undesired supergroup (members of Kingsley Flood, New Million Box, BrownBoot, The I Want You, The Invisible Rays, and more) returns with a bevy of new sounds and songs ranging from Americana twang to trip hop to drugged-out psychedelic. Check out the music at We recorded and released Early Birdin’ shortly after I moved back to Boston.

Pie Float

An acoustic-based Sunday night residency that ran weekly for over 4 years. Tom Rooney ran the show and various regulars included Johnny Fitzpatrick, Pat Ferris, Colin Klein, Rickie Gene Powell, Jason Stewart, Tim Wetmiller, Millie Raccoon, and many others. We were often joined by opening bands from far and near.

Kingsley Flood

Super catchy melodies, great vocal arrangements, and dynamic energy to the hilt. I played with the original lineup before moving out of town shortly after recording the 2010 debut release, “Dust Windows“. It was recorded at Pete Weiss’ Verdant Studios in VT.

Reverend Bob & The Darkness

Boston based “Roots, Rhythm & Gothic Blues” led by Reverend Bob Matros and Dark Mark. An all-star cast of musicians with some really great original music. Bob and Mark wrote the majority of tunes while Bob plays guitar and Mark plays Upright Bass. Cutty Foster drove the beat, John Buckowski adds some funky funky Accordian & Button Box, while Raquel Frisardi brought it home vocally. Everybody sang – imagine the sound guys face when you say we need 6 vocal mics!

Undersea Passage

Beautifully orchestrated music under guidance of Dave Delmar – Ocean Tone – and Carlos Tullos – organizer of Superfly Seattle, among other things. Highly collaborative project, again with too many musicians to count here. Rare live appearances, but highly rated when they do come along.


The entire group moved to Seattle from Sacramento, CA. Kind of an entourage supported Sphagetti/Western Song-writer band with great musicians. I’ve had the pleasure of playing fiddle and mandolin with them at some fun gigs. Great people.

Clayton Ballard

Clay is a prolific artist. Creeping Time backed him up on a solo record many years ago. I’ve had the pleasure of submitting tracks to his projects ever since.

Scott Andrew and the Walkingbirds

Nathan Wade and the Dark Pioneers